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1. Complete the online application

2. We Will Attempt To Match You With A Lender

How it works

Here's how the site process works and how we'll help you find a cash advance from one of our panel of lenders.

In our role of credit broker, we're here to try and source a lender for you and help you avoid any pitfalls. As opposed to you applying to each lender individually, we give you more choice by completing one application that we check against our panel of lenders.

1. You complete the online application form and we get straight to work matching your details to one of our lenders.

2. If one of our panel comes forward, you’re redirected to the relevant lender's website and they take you through the next stage of the process. If all goes well, you should have your cash loan soon afterwards - depending on the lender and on your bank's timescales, this can be within minutes.

If you're still feeling a bit unsure, there's further information below or check out our FAQ page for answers to more specific questions.